The first residents of the Uganda Community came as students in the late 1960s. By the beginning of the 1970s, the community started growing as Ugandan citizens started leaving their country in a bid to escape the iron hand of Dictator Idi Amin Dada. In the 1980S, more Ugandans fleeing the civil war joined the Diaspora in a quest to restart life and escape the uncertainty and insecurity in the country. The 1990s brought yet another wave of immigration, which led to a need for an organized community administration as families took new root in the area - thus the birth of the Uganda Community in Greater Chicago.


Community Settlement:
 Uganda Community is known to live in the entire Chicago Metropolitan and her adjacent Illinois cities and suburbs, thus defining the name Uganda Community in Greater Chicago Inc. Settlement of Ugandans in Chicago is therefore distributed based on the families work place, community preference, and search for were one’s heart calls a home.

Education: Most Ugandans in greater Chicago have pursued their education in different disciplines, including Medicine, Nursing, Accounting, Social Services, Education, Religious studies, Hotel management, Music, Photography and Video coverage, Computer scientist, Biologist, Engineers, Journalism, among so many professional disciplines. The community continues to encourage and seek guidance to see more Uganda immigrants realize the American dream in many different ways through encouragement.


The community has carried out many social activities/ events such as, Civic Educational Seminars, Cultural Education Awareness Events, Provision of Self-help-Resources on this website and Literature through the UCiGC Newsletter, Youth Interactive Discussions and Meetings, Cook Outs, Weddings, Babyshowers, Birth-Days, Anniversaries, Graduations, Religious ceremonies among other activities.