Pearl Dancers

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The Pearl Dancer of The Uganda Community in Greater Chicago (UCiGC) was founded in summer of 2004 by former president Omulongo Wasswa Ddamulira initially trained by Sophie Mukasa and John Bisegerwa with a group of pioneer dancers including, Hamidah Ddamulira, Victoria Matovu, Joan Luganda, Vanessa Bukenya, Lauren Kaboggoza, Angel Musaazi, Elizabeth Musaazi, Anna Nankya, Dominique Latrice and Persis, Christopher Kirya, David Lwanga, and Hafez Ddamulira.


1. To educate, mentor, and pass over the Uganda heritage, culture through dances and their respective meaning and functions, hence keeping our offspring with a focal interest to emulate who we are and our origin.

2. Encourage the young offspring of the Uganda community and their friends18 years old and below to love their ancestral culture, respect the norms, and honor their achievements with set goals.

3. Promote Uganda based culture to the Chicago land community and beyond to share our rich culture with the diverse world, and establish a legacy of a new growing culture in the western world.

4. Bring entertainment to the UCiGC as a process of raising our children in a culture we know and understand better, with a focus to merge the seemingly displaced and a new world we live today as immigrants to sustain the future.


.First performance UCiGC celebration of martyr’s day June 2004
• Community gathering and celebrations 2004 – Current
• Church fundraisers, and other charities
• Pier celebrations and other causes
• Featured on someone you should know an ABC 7 News Chicago Station in summer 2006 series of the news channel at 6pm Monday to Friday.
• Wisconsin college 2009
• USA presidential inauguration ceremony January 2009 – Chicago
• UNNA convention Chicago September 2009 performing with Meshach Ssemakula (Uganda celebrity musician).
• Other members land marks in life and many others

Financial Support

The PD is financed by the UCiGC parents, well-wishers, and has been funded by the University department of Wisconsin, church, and others generous establishments, but mainly loving parents and trainers.

The UCiGC is working to support, promote, and develop the talents of the young stars through the PD and see the well fair and development of talents brought to horizon.