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Our mission is to nurture and strengthen the Ugandan culture and heritage

through programs emphasizing Ugandan music, literature, drama etc.

Who We Are

Uganda Community in Greater Chicago, Inc. is a 501 (c) 3 community-based organization that promotes Cultural, Social, Sports, Health, Economic and Educational Participation and Empowerment of the Ugandan Immigrants in Greater Chicago.

President's Message

It is indeed a great honor and privilege to be elected as President of Uganda Community in Greater Chicago.

I take this opportunity to thank my predecessor, Mrs.Monica Tindimubona, the Executive and the outgoing Board Members for the Job well done.

Balancing American and Ugandan Culture

Balancing the two cultures (American/Ugandan) can often be hard. In the USA, we have freedoms, perhaps too many freedoms, and as an individual you choose how to live with such freedoms for yourself. Take advantage of the freedom this country offers but never allow yourself to lose your identity and values you have learned your parents/caregivers. Remember that at your core, you are a Ugandan-American or a Ugandan; and must never forget who you are. Create a balance on how you incorporate your...

Banana Pancakes – Kabalagala

Ingredients: 4 cups cassava flour, 1 cup maize flour (maganjo), 8 ripe bananas

Cultural Education

kwanjula is a Luganda word basically means to introduce. It is a day when the bride to be...

Growing Up As An American Uganda Youth

I am a native Chicagoan. I have lived here all my 24 years, born at what is now RushHospital.

Protecting Your Child From Abuse And Neglect

The Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) is mandated by Illinois law to

What We Do

The community has carried out many social activities or events such as, Civic Educational Seminars, Cultural Education Awareness Events, Provision of Self-help-Resources on this website and Literature through the UCiGC Newsletter, Youth Interactive Discussions and Meetings, Cook Outs, Weddings, Babyshowers, Birth-Days, Anniversaries, Graduations, Religious ceremonies among other activities.


Leadership Building

Build leadership and organizational capacity of the youth in the community


Children & Youth Support

Support youth and children’s integration in a diverse society.


Culture Education

Serve as a viable model of culture educational unity and action development


Education & Culture

Advance education and cultural awareness


Community Development

Promote community development and access to social services


Ensure that Ugandan immigrants and their offspring and others have an active role in multiple cultural educational arenas

Board of Directors

  • Mr. John Bisegerwa

    Mr. John Bisegerwa


  • Pastor Dave Jenkins

    Pastor Dave Jenkins

    Board Member

  • Ms. Scholastica Nakitto

    Ms. Scholastica Nakitto

    Board Member

  • Dr.Bishop Leonard MP Kayiwa

    Dr.Bishop Leonard MP Kayiwa

    Board Member

  • Dr.Pastor Bouldin Kayiwa

    Dr.Pastor Bouldin Kayiwa

    Board Member

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