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UCiGC is organized exclusively for enhancing cultural diversity, social interaction, economic well-being, educational and sports purposes within the meaning of section 501 (C) (3) of the Internal revenue code. UCIGC is also a gathering point and source of support for Ugandans in greater Chicago and encourages the dissemination of African cultures through educational and social events, celebrations, cultural museum and Galas.

UCiGC was incorporated in the state of Illinois on April 26th 2007.


a. UCiGC exists to promote and advance the cultural, educational, spiritual, and socioeconomic needs of Ugandans & other Africans in Greater Chicago through unity, fellowship, and empowerment for all generations.

b. Immigrants and Refugees integrated, connected towards harmony and prosperity of the greater Chicago community.


a. All African people working together in unity & harmony as a means of empowerment and development in Greater Chicagoland and beyond.

b. To contribute to the social, cultural, economic, education, health well-being and unity of low-income Immigrants and Refugees in underserved communities in Chicago.


The objectives of include:

To create a supportive environment that fosters friendship, brotherhood and sisterhood, and unity amongst immigrants, Refugees and residents in the greater Chicago community.

To promote Ugandan and African cultures through music, sports, art, and language, as well as to share it with other interested individuals or groups for crime prevention awareness and harmonious living in Chicago community

To implement viable programs and projects for the well-being and empowerment of the community in Chicago and back home –crime prevention, housing, self-reliance among others

To make available to the community the cultural heritage of the Uganda and African people, their history, sports, art, music, folk dance, customs, and traditions for harmonious living.

Promote community development and access to social services for immigrants and refugees in greater Chicago

To build leaders capacity of the youth in the community and ensure that immigrants/refugees and their offspring and others have an active role in multiple cultural educational arenas and development agenda

To promote community based tourism between Uganda/African and American people

To raise funds through membership, donations, contributions, social functions or other means such as gifts and bequests.

To encourage education of Uganda and African languages in the Chicago community.


The first residents of the Uganda Community came as students in the late 1960s. By the beginning of the 1970s, the community started growing as Ugandan citizens started leaving their country in a bid to escape the iron hand of Dictator Idi Amin Dada. In the 1980S, more Ugandans fleeing the civil war joined the Diaspora in a quest to restart life and escape the uncertainty and insecurity in the country. The 1990s brought yet another wave of immigration, which led to a need for an organized community administration as families took new root in the area - thus the birth of the Uganda Community in Greater Chicago.

Uganda Community is known to live in the entire Chicago Metropolitan and her adjacent Illinois cities and suburbs, thus defining the name Uganda Community in Greater Chicago Inc. Settlement of Ugandans in Chicago is therefore distributed based on the families work place, community preference, and search for were one’s heart calls a home.

Website: http://www.ucigc.org
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Contact person: David Matanda, President UCIGC

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