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1. Banana Pancakes – Kabalagala

4 cups cassava flour
1 cup maize flour (maganjo)
8 ripe bananas
1 tbsp Ginger root concentrate
2 tbsp granulated sugar (optional)
Canola oil / olive oil (a light unsaturated oil)
Rolling pin
Large circle cookie cutter (juice tumbler also works)
Deep fryer
1) Peel and coarsely marsh banana
2) In a food processor / blender fine blend to pudding consistency
3) Transfer mix into bowl
4) Add sugar and ginger root with wooden spoon
5) Fold in cassava & maize flour one cup at a time until dough does not stick to your hands when you handle it. Divide dough into 5-6 sections
6) Roll out one section to 1/8th inch thickness (dough should neither stick to your hands nor work surface)
7) With cookie cutter/ juice tumbler cut out pan cakes and put cut dough aside on tray
8) Re-shape remaining dough and add new dough section
9) Repeat steps 7-9 until all dough has been cut up into pancakes and placed
10) On medium heat setting heat up oil in deep fryer for deep frying
11) Add 4-5 cut pancakes to heated oil – allow browning for 30 seconds to less than 1minute on one side; turning over cakes and allow to brown on other side for about the same time.
12) Remove cakes from oil – allow to drain excess oil on plate lined with paper napkins ( 1 minute) – place in Ziploc bag and seal
13) Repeat steps 12-13 until all pancakes are done.

Tips for Success:
To ensure pancakes come out soft
1) In step 5 - add flour a little at a time. This is critical to know when just enough flour is added and dough is not stiff.
2) Cooling in Ziploc bag retains moisture in pancakes, keeping them soft
3) Banana pancakes freeze well and respond well to a few seconds microwave warm up

This recipe along with the Tips for Success come to you from the Kaboggoza Family Kitchen – Serve with spiced

b) Mock-Baked Goat Meat

Goat meat diced 1” cubes
BBQ seasoning
Granulated garlic in water (or peel and crush garlic cloves)
Touch of cayenne pepper / deseeded strips of chili pepper if spicy hot flavor desired
Canola oil / olive oil (a light unsaturated oil)
Casserole dish lined with sufficient foil to wrap meat and form about ½ ” shallow dome above meat
Oven at 375°F

1) Season goat meat with seasonings
2) Allow spices to marinate overnight in refrigerator
3) In medium to heavy pot heat about 2 tablespoon oil on medium setting stovetop heat
4) Add marinated goat meat
5) Turn meat at 3-5 minute regular intervals until produced juices have reduced to almost none and meat has evenly browned.
6) Place meat in prepared casserole dish
7) Baked at 375 F ovens for 45 minutes – resist urge to open oven for any reason

Enjoy as side dish with matooke kinyeebwa and enva endiirwa – be careful not to bite off fingers
I take no credits for this recipe. It was passed on to me from ladies I consider seasoned in kitchen -Patricia Tibbs & Eva Muhumuza

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