Nomination Guidelines

UCIGC invites community members (especially our youth) to nominate persons to highlight in February in the UCIGC Person You Should Know PYSK black history month series. Nominate individuals who have made significant contributions that have had direct positive impact on our community locally and or in the diaspora in the following categories:

  1. Leadership: Spiritual, or governance (political)
  2. Social justice & social action (community welfare)
  3. Science/Technology/Health/Environmental preservation
  4. Education
  5. Literature
  6. The arts (music, film, drama, art, sculpture architecture etc.)
  7. Sports
  8. Innovation/Industry
  9. Commerce/Business/Entrepreneurship

Use the UCGIC nomination entry template (provide a link) to capture biographical highlights and achievements of your nominee. To avoid likelihood of copyright infringement and be accepted entries should:

10. Abide by the provided template
11. Be accompanied by names of the nominee and the person nominating

If you plan to enter a nomination, in addition to the general rules above, please keep these specific rules in mind:

  1. Only content useful to complete UCIGC Nominee template will be accepted.
  2. No subscription or donation is necessary to enter.
  3. Deadline for the receipt of a fully completed entry is 11:59pm (CT) on Friday, January 27, 2017.
  4. Entries will be feature in “Persons You Should Know” Series Gallery on the UCIGC website. The gallery will run through February 28, 2017. Nomination Entries and their nominee names will be featured.
  5. UCIGC reserves the right to reject or discard incomplete or confusing entries and or entries deemed invalid for controversial, divisive, lewd or offensive content and therefore departing from the spirit of the endeavor, all in its sole discretion.
  6. Be mindful that UCIGC website is a public forum - any information about nominees on the sketch-bios other than what would normally be found on webpages like Wikipedia is disallowed - this is our due diligence guarantee to nominees. Nominees can be confident content posted is only information that is available in the public domain - it is solely for the purposes of public education.
  7. Submit your nomination(s) for 2017 PYSK Series to
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