The Makings of Visionary Leadership 2017

A Person You Should Know PYSK Series

UCIGC Black History Month 2017
Ponder for a moment the question - What makes one person advance to great achievement and another simply live existence? What determines how far an individual will go? Is it purely in the genes? Or does opportunity knock in disguise daily for each of us? UCIGC’S THE MAKINGS OF VISIONARY LEADERSHIP - A PERSON YOU SHOULD KNOW Series casts the spotlight on otherwise everyday persons who stir us to consider this notion and perhaps take a step forward as together we observe Black History Month 2017.

Brief Background Of PYSK Series
There are the Giants of History most of whom are gone from our eyes. February is the month rightly set apart to observe their contributions to society. The question is always what about those we have before our very eyes? The purpose of PYSK Series is to showcase people who through their quiet daily mundane do things of tremendous impact to the community around them - but go unnoticed in mainstream.
PYSK Series is dedicated to the impressionable young reader, the young adult in our community, the visitor who happens upon the website from any number of realms - academia, the curious, the searching etc. The series is dedicated to public education. Click around on each nominee’s template for links to websites so that you can read more about the nominees or support their causes through donations or purchase their products. For the purpose of transparency and full disclosure, as facilitator of this series I have no economic or material gains from this project other than pure joy I get from providing our community and our children (in the broadest sense of the term) with tangible inspiration they can use on their personal journeys in search for sense of direction, meaning and purpose in this life.
You - the reader or visitor can assist in ongoing efforts to recognize the work of these visionary leaders in our midst and nominate individuals for PSYK 2017. Follow the link to the nomination guidelines document then submit your nominee suggestion(s) to
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